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As part of its ongoing investment program, Barwell has now invested over £300k in a new LC-Alpha IV NT from Amada. Due to increased demand from its customer base, Barwell has acquired the latest generation of Amada hybrid laser cutting machines to meet growing demand for precision laser cut parts whilst improving component quality and precision & reducing the cost per part for its customer base.

With a maximum traverse range of 2520 by 1550 by 300mm in X, Y and Z-axes respectively, the large work envelope will enable Holford to expand the scope of its workload and offer enhanced services to its clients. The new Amada machine has been acquired because of its exceptional cutting speed that  runs up to 20m/min with a positioning speed of 80m/min. This remarkable speed is combined with a positional accuracy of 0.01mm and a repeat positional accuracy of 5 microns. The combination of lightening fast positional and cutting speeds and the astounding precision were the key reasons behind purchasing the Amada machine. 

As  Group Shareholder and Director, Mr. Martyn John Barber says: "We are witnessing exceptional growth levels in our fabrication and sheet metal work for the aerospace, rail and commercial industry sectors, so the sizeable investment in the Amada machine is fully justified. Going forward, it will improve our process capability, precision and the overall quality of our sheet metal work whilst affording us the capacity to take on new work and offer new services. Additionally, the new acquisition will improve lead-times with its remarkable cutting speeds"

The new  LC-Alpha IV NT  provides extremely short piercing times, high traverse and cutting speeds and outstanding workpiece quality for thin or medium sheet thickness in medium or large format. Furthermore, the advanced laser technology, engineering know-how, intelligent control systems and modular automation make it possible for the ALPHA IV series to achieve consistently high results.

 "Having a machine that utilises the latest CNC technology to deliver repeatedly high standards was a key element in our purchasing decision - as the philosophy of maintaining high standards in terms of quality, precision and delivery are key to our business and we feel the Amada fully fits this strategy," concludes  Mr Barber.



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