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Lean Principles

Barwell Spares and Services Guiding Lean Principles 

Elimination of Waste:

One of the most critical principles of lean manufacturing is the elimination of waste many of the other principles revolve around this concept. We use 7 basic types of waste in manufacturing:

  • Over Production
  • Waste of Unnecessary Motion
  • Waste of Inventory 
  • Production Defects
  • Waste of Waiting 
  • Waste of Transportation
  • Waste of Over Processing

Continuous Improvement:

Continuous Improvement is Barwell Spares and Services mind-set throughout its organization 

Continuous Improvement promotes constant, necessary change toward achievement of a desired state. The changes can be big or small but must lend itself toward improvement (often many small changes are required to achieve the target). The process truly is continual as there is always room for improvement. 

Level zed Production:

The basis of this principle is that the work load is the same (or level) every day. It is understood that manufacturing companies are at the mercy of their customers for orders, Barwell Spares and Services has significantly reduced the level of these potential waves by investing heavily in their staff members, with many having the flexibility and skill set to move to processes levelling out these demands

Barwell Spares and Services 5s Organization Benefits:

  • 1Sort: Clearly distinguish needed items from unneeded and eliminate the latter
  • 2Set in Order: Keep needed items in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval
  • 3Shine: Keep the workplaces neat and clean adopting maintenance rotas and responsibilities 
  • 4Standardize: The method by which “sort” “set in order” and “shine” are made habitual
  • 5Sustain: Maintain the discipline to continue with the process



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