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Rail Division

Barwell rail division utilises the very latest technologies alongside a highly skilled work force at each of our manufacturing facilities.This set up enables us to provide cost effective start to finish solutions for supply throughout all rail infrastructure.

Over the last period we have completed the following projects:

  • S7 Upgrade on the London Underground System with the S8 to follow
  • Refurbishment of 300 rolling stock carriages both internal and external features
  • All health and safety barrier work across London Depots
  • Tunnel brackets retirements for Jubilee and Northern Lines
  • New seat frames for Central Line seats (fleet change)
  • Vestibule mats for carriages (fleet change)
  • Design and manufacture of Graffiti Drip Tray Assembly for First Capital Connect
  • Plant rooms for London Underground

Health and safety is paramount in these conditions from day to day usage, routine or planed maintenance exercises Barwell Spares and Services have experience of this and respects these aspects having been very successful with partnerships and projects to date.

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