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Press Brakes

Biegeanimation 2DBarwell Spares and Services have a range of Press Brake machinery and tooling at its site in Bedford to suit all our customer requirements.

One of Barwell’s fully trained CNC operators will create a program by choosing relevant punch and die top and bottom tooling depending on steel gauge thickness and finished radius required, before programming the sequence of folds either resting  on or pushing up to independent back stops.

Tooling options:


A common type of die, the bottom dies can be made with different-sized die openings to handle a variety of materials and bend angles.

90 degree dies

Largely used for bottoming operations. The die opening dimension depends on material thickness.

Acute angle (air-bending) dies

Used in air bending, these can actually be used to produce acute, 90 degree, and obtuse angles by varying how deeply the punch enters the die by adjusting the ram.

Gooseneck (return-flanging) dies

The punch is designed to allow for clearance of already formed flanges

Offset dies

A combination punch and die set that bends two angles in one stroke to produce a Z shape.

Hemming dies

Two-stage dies combining an acute angle die with a flattening tool.

Beading dies

A bead or a "stopped rib" may be a feature that stiffens the resulting part. The punch has a rounded head with flat shoulders on each side of the bead. The bottom die is the inverse of the punch.

Four-way die blocks

A single die block may have a V machined into each of four sides for ease of changeover of small jobs.

Channel-forming dies

A punch can be pressed into a die to form two angles at the bottom of the sheet, forming an angular channel.

Box-forming dies

While a box may be formed by simple angle bends on each side, the different side lengths of a rectangular box must be accommodated by building the punch in sections. The punch also needs to be high enough to accommodate the height of the resulting box's sides.

Multiple-bend dies

A die set may be built in the shape of the desired profile and form several bends on a single stroke of the press.



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